Counting Costs

I found the Variety article titled “Number of Frequent Young Moviegoers Plummets in 2013” very intriguing. As a member of the age group being studied, it sounds like the people who run the theaters are in denial about what is really happening to the movie going audience. They argue that technology hasn’t impacted young moviegoers. However, I would almost argue that that is an impossible assumption to make. Of course technology has impacted the frequency with which people attend the theater. This is a truth not because technology is naturally antithetical to viewing movies in theaters, but because the price of buying a movie ticket is so high.

The truth of the matter is, is that if theater owners want the young crowd; specifically the 19-24 to see more movies, movie tickets are going to have to be less expensive. I love film and I love seeing them in the cinema even more, however when each movie costs 10 dollars to see I can’t afford to go see every film that I would like to. As a result technology becomes a much better, and more affordable option, despite the fact that you lose the communal aspect that is so crucial in viewing some films.

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